The Roller Bridges of Tudela is more than a sporting event. Its main objective is to encourage and promote skating while making the history and culture of our city known, as well as supporting and giving visibility to certain social entities committed to the sport.

Recommended accommodations

In a La Barrena Services Polygon.
Hotel with free closed parking, full gym and buffet breakfast included.

Room Single Room Double
Friday 17 and saturday 18​ 55 €/night 65 €/night

Located in the same Plaza de los Fueros, where the race begins and ends.
If you like the city center, this is your hotel.

Room Single Room Double
Friday 17 y saturday 18​ 54 €/night 70 €/night

Located in Paseo de Invierno, a landscaped pedestrian area.
Less than 5 minutes from the Plaza de Los Fueros.

Room Single Room Double
Friday 17 and saturday 18​ 59 €/night 69 €/night

Two minutes from the Plaza de los Fueros.
Consult special price full weekend.

Room Single Room Double
Friday 17 and saturday 18​ 70 €/night 90 €/night

Recommended restaurants



On Muro street, a few meters from the Plaza de los Fueros



In the historic center of Tudela



Located in the Plaza de los Fueros, right at the start-finish of the race.


La Parrilla

Place of celebration of the meal of participants of the II Roller.

Gastronomica route

Para poder disfrutar de los descuentos es obligatorio presentar la pulsera de participante de la Roller Tudela que recibirás al recoger tu dorsal.


Bar La Catedral

Second free drink (wine, beer or soft drink)


Burcon Café Bar

Second free drink (wine, beer or soft drink)


Bar Josema

Snack + drink: €3


Bar La Estrella

Snack + drink: €3


Bar Gayarre

Snack + drink: €3



Welcome lunch

  • Saturday 18, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • In Castel Ruiz Cultural Center.
  • For only €1/person.
  • For participants.
  • Sign up when you register.

Afternoon with DJ

Saturday afternoon, from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., in the Plaza de Los Fueros.


Inflatables for children

On Sunday morning, after the race, in the Paseo del Queiles (next to Plaza de Los Fueros).


French toast tasting

On Sunday morning, after the race, in the Paseo del Queiles (next to Plaza de Los Fueros). Collaborate:


Parking Capuchinos

  • Guarded private parking. Open 24 hours.
    Special rates for the whole day or weekend, with the option of coming and going as many times as you want.
  • You can make a prior reservation (669 871 994).

Parking Constitución

Free municipal parking, open only on Sundays exceptionally for the celebration of the Roller. 

Tourism and activities

Tudela is characterized by having a great historical and cultural wealth as well as having a unique natural environment. For this reason, we offer you different cultural and leisure activities so that you can get to know and enjoy the charms of our city.

historical Tudela

Discover the most emblematic corners of the city:

  • Santa María Cathedral
  • Deanal Museum
  • Muñoz Sola Museum
  • Maria Forcada Foundation
  • Jesus’s Heart
  • La Mejana

Ribera Inesperada

The Unexpected Ribera is a destination that encompasses 28 municipalities that allow you to travel back in history through its heritage, where nature offers unique and highly varied natural spaces and in which gastronomy, thanks to its renowned seasonal vegetables and excellent wines , allows you to turn your trip to La Ribera into a unique experience.

Bardenas Reales

Just 20 minutes from Tudela is the Bardenas Reales Natural Park, a semi-desert landscape, the result of various natural phenomena: the contrast in temperatures throughout the year and erosion from the strong wind that blows in the area.

You can visit it on your own or with guides. Perfect for excursions by car, by bike or on foot.